Published by Legaia Books & Paperclips Magazine

            The Diaries of Liberty The Pug          

      A series of children's books for all ages 





This is a true story of a little fawn pug by the name of Liberty (Libby). Libby was born in a puppy mill and later sent to a pet store to be sold. Libby, sick and lonely waited for a Mum and Daddy.

That special day came and Libby soon found out the world is not such a bad place after all. Libby writes her diaries to share what a wonderful world it can be when a pet finds their forever home. Peek into Libby's life as she discovers the joys of running on soft green grass, cozy blankets and adjusts to surgeries on both of her eyes. Libby's Diaries are uplifting, positive, brave and full of humor. I promise reading Libby's books will give you a light heart and a smile on your face.  

A journey that will interact with children as they learn having a pet to love is the best gift of all.

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